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Bonjour!  I'm Christen!  Been all over the U.S., and just moved from Utah down to Texas for my husband's new job!  After having been in the Navy, I am now a student of Anthropology, a stay at home mom to my new baby, a half arsed writer, belly dance instructor/student and performer, and just general, all around "Jack of all trades, master of nothing." 



I'm Christen.  I'm ADD, a new mom, wife, Navy veteran, bellydancer, ballet student, food lover, nerd, a sometimes model, Pinterest fanatic, and outdoor lover.  

I love to write, love to explore the world around me, muse on thoughts and meditations, and see what the universe is trying to tell me. So there's a lot of that on here.  Purpose without preaching. And since I also love to eat and need to workout so I can keep eating, there's going to be a lot of food and nutrition, along with workouts that are easy on joints and backs.  There is happy mixed with serious, funny mixed with emotional.  A jack-of-all-trades, as they say. 

Glad to be of service and some comedic relief!