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Bonjour!  I'm Christen!  Been all over the U.S., and just moved from Utah down to Texas for my husband's new job!  After having been in the Navy, I am now a student of Anthropology, a stay at home mom to my new baby, a half arsed writer, belly dance instructor/student and performer, and just general, all around "Jack of all trades, master of nothing." 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Paleo Toddler Series: Homemade Snacks and Breakfast Ideas

Now that I've gotten the easy store-bought snacks down, it's time to get in the kitchen, brave this ridiculous Texas heat that our ancient air conditioner cannot compete with, and start making some tasty diet friendly eats for the kiddo.

Baked Egg in Avocado:

So many good healthy fats and protein in this one! I like to season the egg a little with some spice just because that's how we roll in this household, but it's pretty good with just a little salt and pepper! I found this yummy recipe on Pinterest

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Paleo Toddler Series: Store Bought Snacks

In my last post I talked about how Baby B was diagnosed with severe leaky gut and massive food sensitivities.  Nowadays it seems as though EVERYTHING that is marketed for babies and toddlers include dairy, gluten, rice and/or oats, and high fructose corn syrup in at least 3 different forms. After realizing I had to get rid of his yogurt pouches, cheesy puffs, GF teething biscuits and could no longer make his favorite dish of fried rice with eggs and pea, I was left in a panic and scratching my head-what to do next?

I started by doing the same thing I did for myself when I had to go Gluten Free; I sought out the ready to eat snack foods first.  By knowing I had store snacks to eat, it bought me some time to make my own snacks, and encouraged me to really get the ball rolling with the rest of the plan.

Off I trotted to Sprouts to get

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Paleo Toddler Series: Background and Prelude to An (Almost) Drastic Change

We spent the entire first year of Baby B's life battling illness, one after the other.  First, it was months upon months of colic, gasiness and upset tummy.  This coincided with ear infections, sinus infections, a bout of pink eye, and just general malaise.  He was a trooper though, always wanting to play and explore and talk.  It breaks my heart to think of everything he was going through.  

After moving down to Texas we started with a wonderful pediatrician, but ultimately switched as he was practicing outdated intact care for boys. We ended up with a holistic practitioner when B got a horrid case of pink eye. As the PA was examining him, she was explaining that in addition to the fluid in his ears, she had a hunch that his gut flora and Ph was all wonky and was keeping him susptible, as well as his Vitamin D reserves being depleted.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Just A Funny Little Ditty About Baby Poop

Just a funny little ditty about baby poop.

Oh yes people, it's the baby poop story.  We've all got them, and even people without kids can relate to the grossness and hilarity of baby poop.  

Our kid is a little exhibitionist, like most little boys are. Plus now we are living in Texas, and there is no better way to dry the kid off after the pool or bath by letting him run around our balcony bare naked.  He thinks it's the best thing in the world, we get to spend time in the fresh air, and it's one less step in getting him ready for bed.  My husband also continuously states that it's good for him to get the chance to "air the balls".  

It was B's birthday (his 1st! When the hell did that happen????), and we had just finished the cake which was smoothed all over.....well everything.  So we took him out to the patio, stripped him down, and literally rinsed him using the watering can.  Yah, we're those parents.  B was having a grand old time, nice and cool from the water, naked as the day his was born (ha, it was his BIRTHday), and running around chasing the animals.  Then he starts squatting.  We're used to this, he never sits, he always crouches down and sits in a squat.  However, this time we heard a bunch of farts; ppbbbt phhbbbt bbbbbbrrrrt.  He would look up at us giggling like it was the most hilarious thing in the world.  I looked at Dustin and said, "If he poops you're cleaning it up."  

"Oh he won't", was the reply.

"He's farting and just had dinner and cake, it's coming."

Not 5 minutes later, I happen to hear some grunting, a fart, and look over just in time to see our son deposit a hot, steaming pile of poop that might have been big enough for an adult onto our outdoor rug.  The only thing I remember is thinking that it looked exactly like the pile of $h!t emoji icons on our smartphones, as I went running for the wipes and a diaper since obviously naked time was waaaaaay over.  I have no clue as to how Dustin cleaned that up, but have a sneaking feeling the dust pan was involved and can only hope he washed it thoroughly with scalding hot water, bleach or whatever the hell else could kill poop bacteria.  And while I'm past the point of bodily functions from the baby grossing me out, seeing it sitting on the patio had me doing the "huuaaaahhh, huuuaaaaaaa" noises.

We'll keep letting the boy "air his balls", but from now on if food is recently involved, those cute diapers from Honest Company will be staying on his little bum, so the poop will remain off our balcony.  Last thing we need is another stepping in poop story (yep, did that too, feel better?) to add to my repertoire.